Saturday, September 23, 2006

I Was Supposed To Post This Yesterday, But Then Yesterday Happened.

You know, between The Office and Grey’s Anatomy, I’m pretty sure that Thursday has become The Night Of A Thousand Away Message Quotes, for most people. But, in the grand tradition of saying more about everything than anyone cares to read, I’ll do you one better. So, without further ado: to the unnecessarily long and over-analyzey paragraphs!

The Office: It’s hard to believe that, around this time last year, I had no proof that anyone who wasn’t me and my brother were watching the season premiere, and that even for us, it was greeted with more of a “Oh, right, they actually renewed that. Guess we’ll be there,” (which: I know, but you have to understand – it was a different time…) than the “Omigosh, omigosh, is it Thursday yet, what do you mean, ‘Yeah, but that’s only because the finale just ended two minutes ago?!’” level of anticipation that preceded it, this time around. And I’m not saying this (just) to prove how frighteningly ahead of the curve we are (although we totally are – I mean, we’d have to invent new letters of the alphabet to tell you what we’re watching, now), but to point out what a nice place the world can be when they don’t cancel every unwatched show five episodes into its run; to think that if NBC wasn’t desperate for a hit show (or, really, for any show), last summer, we would have never learned what a Dundie is.

But, anyway, onto what anyone reading this actually cares about: we’re back in the office, and it’s always weird to see the characters do brand new things when you’re so used to rewatching and requoting the same episodes, all summer. Weird in the best way, of course – I was getting tired of reusing the same old inappropriate comments about gays and retards, and, by the looks on their faces, I think my gay and retarded friends agreed. Oh, Michael Scott. Your ability to make me want to laugh, cry and punch you in the face, all within a period of twenty-two minutes is unprecedented. And who’s not back? That would be transferred Jim, which I’m going to call a Good Move for a few reasons. Viewer-wise, it’s a nice divergence from the “Must! Not! Change! Anything!” world of most sitcoms, and one that is going to allow for a no-doubt-satisfying “Return of the Jim” episode. Writer-wise, it’s a clever (though probably unintentional) safeguard against turning The Office into The Jim & Pam Show – because it’s clear that the season two finale would only stay great as long as The Kiss didn’t eat the whole series. And awesome-wise: Ed Helms!

Also: Conference room, yay! Phyllis and Angela, yay! Roy’s mug shot, HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL, THAT WAS TERRIFYING, FOR SOME REASON.

Grey’s Anatomy: You wouldn’t think it possible, but Grey’s Anatomy actually deserves to be just as huge as it’s become, which is nice. Because, I mean: crikey, that was satisfying TV. And doubly so when you realize just how unbearable a show like this could be. But, somehow, instead of having you roll your eyes at all the soap operatics and how no one talks like that, in real life, they manage to convince you that these people’s lives are The Most Important Things In The World for an hour a week – and I’m not even half as involved in it as most of the audience.

Which is why I won’t go into the recappage, because A. you already know and B. if you don’t, you’d do better to watch it on iTunes (which, incidentally, is what I think saved almost single-handedly saved The Office). Except to say that you should probably bring tissues (or, better yet, just tape an entire roll of toilet paper right under your nose), that the Origin Story stuff actually works (which is sort of interesting, seeing as to how the flashbacks were pretty random) and that that little speech about how doctors are still seventeen, and why, was one of my favorite things they’ve ever said on this show, in the way that it made sense, summed up the entire series and shot down any of its detractors.

And, going back to last season: any medical show that can come up with an even half-convincing reason to throw a prom in the hospital is alright by me.

Also: if there was a gay pride parade right now, I would be out, in the front, covered in feathers and…sorry. I’ll not quote, here.